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Young Frankenstein "ALIVE" On Stage at The Fly

The Fly Community Theatre will be performing the wild and wacky Mel Brooks musical comedy "Young Frankenstein" on May 31 and June 1, 7, 8 and 9. The production is directed by Sherri Frame, with musical direction by Daniel Shearon.

"Young Frankenstein The Musical" will be brought to life by many talented actors from our local community. The play originally premiered on Broadway in November 2007, and is based on the 1974 Mel Brooks cult classic film "Young Frankenstein".

Chase Perryman plays "Dr. Frederick Frankenstein" (pronounced Fronkensteen), a brilliant surgeon and grandson of the infamous mad scientist Dr. Victor Frankenstein. Frederick must travel to Transylvania after the death of his grandfather, where he is confronted with a dark family legacy. Once there he meets "Igor" (pronounced Eye-gor), portrayed by Ava Perryman, "Inga", played by Sarah Parker, and Frau Blücher (horse whiny), depicted by "Dawn Gammill". The three must help Frederick decide whether or not to embrace the last name of Frankenstein... And hilarity ensues, as a result.

April Glosson Cooper adds stylish flair to the cast as "Elizabeth", Frederick's madcap financé. Terry Cooper plays "The Hermit", along with several other zany roles. Brad Whitaker creates another level of chaos on stage as "The Monster", while Alex Phillips attempts to keep Transylvania safe as "Inspector Kemp". Kris Lord, Ruth Yanofsky, Amber Cates, Nathan Cates, Kaleena Sierra and Robin Saffle round out the cast as the versatile Ensemble.

Audience members will want to sing along to catchy tunes such as, "Transylvania Mania", "Roll in the Hay", "The Brain", "Listen to Your Heart" and more, as the show creates the perfect balance of singing, dancing and light-hearted comedy.

This play is for both fans of the original film and those who have never seen the movie. However, theatre patrons for "Young Frankenstein" should expect this play to contain risqué language, mature references, raunchy humor and loads of crazy behavior that can only be expected from a family like the Frankensteins. It is not recommended viewing children, and is more suitable older teens and up. Parental discretion is advised.

Tickets are on sale now at

Young Frankenstein Media Kit
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