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Fundamentals of Drawing With Santha Koonce of November Rose Art

On-going Dates


Would you like to be able to draw what you see? You can! Fundamentals of Drawing is a great class for you whether you’re a beginner or looking to breathe new life into your current art practice.


This class will give you the tools you need for a strong foundation in drawing, including:

    • Using different tools

    • Value

    • Shading

    • Texture

    • Mark-making

    • Space (perspective)

    • And more!


Drawing is for a large part about observing and this is a practice you will learn. We’ll be sketching from life, which on pretty days may include outdoor sketching. Learning how to observe the world around you and develop solid drawing skills is a process that takes time and much practice, so just relax and enjoy the process!


This is an ongoing class; participants can sign up anytime a class is scheduled.

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