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Our Mission:

"The Bedford County Arts Council shall seek to encourage, promote, foster, sponsor and develop the cultural arts in Bedford County and surrounding areas for the benefit of the general public."

The Fly Arts Center strives to reach out to the Bedford County community in order to engage it's members in creative art-making, to encourage community members to participate in art related activities, and to enrich our town through meaningful, inclusive, art experiences, in order to help create a community that recognizes and appreciates the value of visual and theatrical arts.

The goal of the art center is to have our participants learn the skills, techniques, and methods necessary to create unique pieces that will expand and enrich their lives and foster a greater appreciation of the visual arts, as well as to facilitate social interaction, mutual support and friendship among our members. The Bedford County Arts Council is hoping to provide a sanctuary here at The Fly Arts Center where people can come and capture their passion for the arts.

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