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Local Artists
 Zephyr Art
Zephyr Art is a team of two sisters-in-law, Julie Barrett Cataldo and Eppie Cataldo Bailey. They use their passion for good design to create Art, clothing and toys that reflect their joy in traveling the roads of wonder and imagination.
Zephyr Art started as an avenue to collaborate with other artists to work on installation art pieces and community projects. Zephyr Art has since held several community workshops and worked with many gifted artists in both Pennsylvania and Middle Tennessee. They have been the official visual artists for the Dam Show music festival in Potter County Pennsylvania for seven years running and have enjoyed giving workshops in actualizing creativity, mixed media arts, drawing, sculpting and painting. Zephyr Art enjoys working with artists of any art form and are also musicians and writers of songs, stories and poetry as well as passionate visual artists. The sisters jokingly refer to themselves as 'professional bohemians' for their artistic mix of drive, attention to detail and sheer delight in Art and all it’s avenues.
Jared Pragel
Jared, a self-taught artist, was chosen at the age of 26, as one of four apprentices to work and study with renowned artist, Nall Hollis, in the south of France. He spent the summer of 2004 as an apprentice. However, Nall was so impressed with Jared he stayed on as Nall’s personal assistant for another six months.
Nall, originally from the United States, Alabama to be exact, moved to Paris to study at École des Beaux-Arts (The School of Fine Arts). While living in Paris, Nall also studied with the infamous Spanish artist, Salvador Dali.
Jared spent his summer studying new and old artistic techniques, twelfth century architecture, culture, language, and the works of many great European Masters. With a beautiful, tranquil view of the Mediterranean from his studio window, Jared built frames for Nall, implementing existing skills, while learning new woodworking, painting, and mosaic techniques. Jared also spent time hanging Museum quality shows, performing public relations duties, and entertaining royalty. Jared left France with a new perspective, which has become apparent in his work. “During my summer in France, I had an awakening,” said Jared. “I realized the piece of this world that I inhabit and understand is very tiny and there is so much more than a lifetime to experience." When Jared wasn't working with Nall he was traveling Europe, visiting Nice, Florence, Paris, Venice, Monaco and many other culturally rich cities. He continued to soak up the culture on his own time everywhere he went. He believes one of his most enlightening experiences was spending time in people’s homes eating, talking, and learning their way of life.
Veita Jo Hampton
Former university professor of photojournalism, visual communication and media writing, Hampton began her career as a teacher in Missouri's schools, Boone County, St. Louis and St. Charles counties.
Her best recognized publication is a 1990 university textbook co-authored with Angus W. McDougall, titled, Picture Editing and Layout; a guide to better visual communication. Hampton's photos were exhibited in shows  and published in magazines, books and newspapers since 1973. During 30 years of teaching and editing, Hampton collected awards for speaking, teaching, and publications design. She edited four photo-related books since 1979. Her current work includes book editing, writing poetry and novels. Her part-time business, Bluestocking Editorial Services, is in an office in the deep woods and rocky hills of Bedford County, Tennessee.
Gina Witten
A multi media artist, Gina Witten's focus is on Metal Art, Fiber Art, Native American Art Work and Fused Glass.  She is also one of the first Master Instructors of Silver Art Clay. "My deep love of nature and all cultures led me along the path of creativeness. Believing that creativity is not just for artists, it is for anyone who wants success in any area of their life. I am a persistent person who is driven by the desire to create and take chances in life. I feel I have a unique way of seeing and thinking about the universe. This uniqueness is shared with others through objects I create." states Gina. She admits that her "art is an expression of my innermost being, a manifestation of my dreams, urges and desires...the flame ignited by the embers within. Art is what sparks my soul."
Becky Shelton
A talented self-taught artist, Becky has a strong interest in mixed media.
Mixed media allows the great versatility and a allows the viewer to uncover the multiple layers that often characterized my work. By using different mediums, textures, and look, their presence, plays important part of the conveying my message.
Materials often used are recycled paper, trash, junk mail, buttons, acrylic paint, gesso and acrylic mediums. Dislocated Artisit now has a shop set up in the Antique, Art and Collectiable Mall in Downtown Shelbyville. If you are needing that special gift please stop by! Many of the original artwork will be available, and also prints of original artwork.
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